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Our business background means we think strategically and can help you clarify who your target market is and what key messages to use to convert them into customers or clients.

Our fundamental belief is websites for small businesses should be affordable, professional and help you grow your business.  Build a Website has grown from the lack of being able to find solutions that cover all 3 of these critical criteria for new and small businesses.

A designer focuses on how a website looks, a developer focuses on how a website works, we make sure your website is focused on your business and how a website will help it GROW – as well as making sure it looks amazing, is easy for you to maintain and does cool stuff!

We have the expertise, let us Help You

I am Iona Elwood-Smith and my background is in startup and small business mentoring focusing on business development and growth. 

As a business mentor one of the first things I encourage people to start thinking about is their website. Planning a website helps get clarity around your business and gets you thinking about the primary factors of


  • Who is your target market
  • What are your key messages
  • And why someone would want to buy from you

As you clarify these factors for your website you quickly see what your business strengths are and how you might use that in your marketing and sales. 

When you have these key elements of your business clear and well presented on your new website, your business is now optimised for growth and visitors to your site have a higher chance of converting to customers or clients.

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